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The maintainer of lbzip2 is Mikolaj Izdebski. You can contact him by sending an email at address Mikolaj Izdebski <>.

Bug reports

The preferred way of reporting a bugs in lbzip2 is sending an email to lbzip2 maintainer. Alternatively lbzip2 issue tracker at Github can be used. Choose the way that suits you better.

When reporting security-sensitive bugs, lbzip2 maintainer should be contacted directly.

Contributing Patches

Patches can be sent directly to lbzip2 maintainer, whose name and address were given at the beginning of this page. When submitting a patch please give a detailed description of what it does and some reasons why it should be committed (if it’s not obvious).

Please respect the style of the original file. Make sure that your additions fit in with that style. lbzip2 has its coding conventions and every contribution is supposed to adhere to them. If a patch is submitted which doesn’t satisfy the coding conventions, then either a committer will need to rewrite the submission or it will be rejected. Getting it right in this first place will save you having to rewrite it.

Please try and restrict patches to the minimum necessary to implement the change. If there are a lot of irrelevant formatting or other changes, it makes it much harder to review the patch, and it may be rejected.

Before you submit your patch, please do a clean build of the full distribution and run the unit tests. This ensures that your patch doesn’t break any existing functionality.

lbzip2 source code repository holds the current source. Information about using the repository is available in Download section. Please create your patch against the master branch in the source code repository since this makes the job of applying the patch much easier. The patch should be in git format. You can create a patch in this format by using git format-patch.